Hiring the Right Attitude and Right Capabilities

  • 01 Nov 2017

Hiring the person with the right attitude and capabilities is more challenging today but it is vital for both organizational and personal success.

For successful leaders, most important career decisions are not for whom or where he went to work but rather the key hires that he made along the way that helped his teams succeed and deliver significant value for the company.

The hiring and selection process when done correctly, should invoke a hiring manager to reflect on culture, priorities, and values.

  1. Hiring Right

Hiring the “right” person has an impact far beyond the mere selection of a resource that is adequate for an organizational task. When you hire the “right” person who enthusiastically and effectively performs his or her assigned responsibilities, the team morale, confidence and overall enjoyment improves. Work becomes more about fun and achievement.

  1. Employee Engagement Organically Flows

Additionally, the introduction of superior talent improves production of the entire team. So, instead of needing to clean up inferior work of mediocre employees, the outstanding professional both improves output and quietly sets a higher standard. With recruiting excellence, collaboration, knowledge transfer, constructive peer reviews, and employee engagement organically flows.

  1. Culture Club

Finally, the biggest organizational outcome associated with recruiting excellence is cultural. In business, culture is decisive. Someone said, “culture eats strategy for lunch” (words to this effect were attributed to Peter Drucker). I agree; effective hiring sustains and improves culture and poor hiring is a culture killer.


At McIntosh Search, we are experts at helping our clients recruit and retain individuals who make work more fun and productive. Central to this is identifying those attributes that result in cultivating and sustaining a winning culture. If you perceive discernible value in hiring the best, we would love to speak with you and discuss how our approach produces long-term measurable results.


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Rob McIntosh, founder of McIntosh Search, a SDVOSB leading talent acquisition firm serving the DFW area, helping Technology Leaders build strong IT Teams.