Front End Team Lead

  • 13 Sep 2019



  • Work with the Director of Software Development and team to estimate complexity and guide about the feasibility of tasks, features, and projects.
  • Be the technical leader for the front-end engineering team, provide insights into best practices, weigh in on discussions, help to pass on your experience to other engineers and be a resource for non-technical team members and clients.
  • Counsel the Director of Software Development on the technical path for the front-end engineering team and help influence and shape architectural and technology principles.
  • Learn new systems and technologies on behalf of the technology team, develop proof of concepts, develop training materials and documentation, and lead demos.
  • Work with engineers on the front-end team to identify opportunities for technical skill growth and development.
  • Continue your own professional growth and engage in continuous improvement, education, and learning.
  • Review code of teammates and use it as an opportunity to engage with and assist in their growth.
  • Help deliver solutions and expert guidance in a cross-functional, high-volume digital environment.
  • Present the architectural design of a system to project team members and other stakeholders in clear, simple terms.

Required Experience/Skills:

Technical Skills

  • Experience creating/curating training resources for teammates and stakeholders
  • Experience with content management systems, SEO optimization, marketing technology (A/B testing) and marketing clouds (Salesforce, Adobe, etc.)
  • Proven experience with React.js, Javascript, HTML 5, CSS 3, DOM and Web APIs
  • E-commerce, WordPress and Drupal development experience
  • Can learn, integrate, and document new services and build PoCs
  • Functional knowledge in the following areas:
    • Unit/Integration testing front-end components
    • CSS-IN-JS (styled-components)
    • Git and Git workflows
    • Functional programming concepts
    • SEO best practices
    • Pull Request/code reviews
Soft Skills
  • Ability to articulate the challenges, successes and learning opportunities from projects
  • Experience successfully working in an environment with multiple concurrent teams, including remote
  • Provide leadership for our remote teams and help support our client work
  • Experience being technical UX voice
Experience working in a collaborative environment and ability to partner with non-technical team members and stakeholders
  • Experience presenting technology solutions/patterns/experiences internally or at conferences
  • Critical thinker, creative problem solver and have a love of learning


  • Six or more years functioning as a software engineer
  • Two or more previous work experiences with the designation “senior engineer” or equivalent
  • Proven team lead or experienced senior engineer.