Full-Stack Microsoft Web Developer

  • 09 Jul 2019


A Full-Stack Web Developer is someone who has honed their skills in both front-end web design/development, and displays mastery over the back-end/server coding. A full-stack web developer can be relied upon not only to design, code, but also implement and maintain a fully functional modern interactive website on their own. Not just a static website with a few pages, either; a front-end mansion fully furnished with a snappy, rich UI and lavishly decorated with responsive design so that no user device is left behind.


  • Maintain and enhance existing ISIP Web code base using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, C#, ASP.NET, MVC 5, Oracle and ISDB ORM using an object-oriented, best practices approach.
  • Responsible for maintaining and enhancing fully cross-browser, Web-based assessment products, including Web site UI/UX design and development, Web services layer, server-side business logic, and database access and development.
  • Work with content management tools (MIX & IS Assets), the reporting site (IS Web), and Visual Studio to publish updates as required.
  • Evolve the application's architecture to ensure maximum performance and stability.
  • Work with and maintain code repository using Tortoises, to include branching and tagging as appropriate.
  • Work with various data repositories to generate ad hoc queries to generate reports and other data in response to specific customer requests.
  • Refactor existing code as appropriate and create reusable modules/widgets where feasible.

Required Experience/Skills:

Technical Skills

  • Familiar with Object Oriented design principles and best practices with a working knowledge of common software patterns and scalability/extensibility concepts.
  • Strong SQL skills developing complex queries, creating database schema and building complex data transformation scripts.
  • Technical knowledge preferred in specific areas. (Networking, Web Design, Coding, Databases, etc.)
  • Fluent in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, and AJAX.
  • Robust understanding in ASP.NET, Web Forms and MVC 5 with expertise in Visual Studio.
  • Knowledge of cross-browser design (desktop and mobile) and development issue troubleshooting.
  • Experience and ability building dynamic multi-functional cross platform web and mobile applications.
Soft Skills
  • Established project management and information-management skills.
  • Highly organized, resourceful and disciplined with the ability to work self-directed and take initiative with limited supervision.
  • Display excellent interpersonal skills, including politeness and patience while work with a diverse groups of highly intelligent staff members and navigate complex relationships.
  • Capacity to be flexible and tolerate stress while maintaining a high energy level.
  • Aptitude coordinating and prioritizing multiple tasks simultaneously while maintaining strong attention to detail, quality and deadlines.
  • Ability to independently learn and effectively utilize development support tools/resources while learning new versions, products and modules.
  • Solid work ethic and enthusiasm toward progressive educational technology.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.


  • 5+ years’ experience as a full-stack Microsoft developer with demonstrated proficiency in all aspects of Web development from Web page creation to back-end programming and database development.
  • Hands-on experience working with a source code repository such as Tortoises.
  • Demonstrable experience with API Integration, managing web publication processes from Visual Studio, and experience working with one or more major databases including Oracle or SQL Server.
  • Quantifiable analytical/cognitive skills and exceptional ability to troubleshoot complex and technical problems.