Principal Engineer, DSP

  • 12 Mar 2017


In charge of developing complex DSP software features, creating architecture to dynamically configure DSP objects, predicting processor utilization & deploying professional-grade, low-latency DSP products.


Lead a world-wide team of 3-5 highly competent, senior software professionals.

Develop multifaceted digital signal processor software features, design architecture to dynamically configure DSP objects, predict processor utilization & deploy professional-grade, low-latency products.

Design optimum features and systems given requirements, use-cases, technical feasibility and other available resources.

Make and defend low-level design choices based on device capabilities analysis, framework details, software architecture, platform components, configuration options and other project details.

Implement DSP algorithms for automotive audio systems using C/C++ within complex, multi-threaded, multi-processor DSP architectures and audio frameworks.

Identify improvement opportunities and lead efforts to port, optimize, modify, fix, and extend existing code as necessary.

Portfolio and Talent Management

Partner with NPI Teams to successfully launch Software Products in the market

Required Experience/Skills:

10+ years of experience in architecting and developing digital signal processing systems Embedded real-time operating systems experience Experience in DSP and audio systems MATLAB/Simulink experience, VST plugins and hosts Outstanding written and verbal communication skills