Principal Engineer

  • 14 Feb 2018



  • Conduct technology evaluation and assessment of software and hardware tools, component technologies, and systems
  • Create project plans and roadmaps by combining emerging technology trends with corporate and academic research
  • Influence future generations of audio and electronic products for consumer, automotive, and professional use by leading the research on advanced technology projects.
  • Write and review invention disclosures to protect intellectual property, both as main inventor and co-inventor; follow up with legal counsel when patent applications are drafted
  • Precisely estimate the project scope of a large project and the manpower
  • Combine efforts with teams to transfer gained technology (systems, hardware, software) and knowledge (IP, technology research findings) to the company
  • Work closely with our teams and the customer’s executive management, Project Management and Engineering teams making decisions is an essential part of the project.
  • Contribute to strategic roadmaps and drive breakthrough ideas and world-class research into product organizations
  • Create, develop, and document future use scenarios (highest impact) to identify and verify future opportunities
  • Extend on existing research by creating systems rapidly with a series of working prototypes, testing them with user studies, and writing publishable quality papers
  • Serve as a peer coach to technical colleagues and junior technology talent on technical and career possibilities. The incumbent will also provide Division level mentoring in their respective field of expertise.
  • Administer change management of large projects and meet stringent quality and timing requirements
  • Work directly with the customer throughout various phases of the project and instills confidence when representing the goals of customer

Required Experience/Skills:

  • PhD degree in Engineering or related field and 8+ years’ of experience in corporate or academic research; alternatively, Master’s Degree in above mentioned fields and 12+ years’ of experience in research and development or Bachelor’s Degree and 16+ years’ experience
  • Expert skillset in at least one of the following fields: Power Electronics, Analog/Digital Electronics design, Power Supplies
  • Experience and/or knowledge in PWM Class D switching amplifier design including:
    • Feedback and power stage simulation/design
    • Protection schemes
  • Experience working with a variety of power converter applications/topologies including, but not limited to:
    • Power Factor Correction (PFC)
    • Resonant and Quasi-resonant converts (SRC, LLC, LCC, etc)
    • AC/DC and DC/DC converters
    • Flyback, half-bridge, forward, full-bridge, boost, buck, etc
    • Control systems Design
  • Experience with the use of rapid prototyping tools for software and hardware, electronics, and mechanical design for consumer electronics and future device platforms
  • Ability to communicate advanced and complex concepts and ideas persuasively and concisely to all levels of the business
  • Experience with design for manufacturability (DFM).
  • Thorough knowledge of design for EMC.
  • Exceptional reputation as an innovator based on having created forward looking research, projects, and award winning publications
  • Experience working in the Pro Audio, Consumer Audio, or Automotive industry
  • Experience in power electronics design and test practices and methodologies.
  • Experience in design for global safety / regulatory requirements (CSA, UL, etc.). Experience and/or knowledge in PCB layout practices.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced team environment with interfaces to procurement, vendors, and contract manufacturers.
  • Ability to design and conduct real world tests for electrical, thermal, and mechanical integrity
Preferred Qualifications: 
  • Previous Professional or Consumer Audio/Video experience
  • Thermal design experience related to power semiconductors for both natural and forced air convection including thermal interfacing and dissipation.
  • Knowledge of professional audio systems (public address, cinema, sound reinforcement, etc.)
  • Experience in project / product management (scheduling, resource allocation, etc.). Thorough knowledge of required steps to bring product from concept to production.
  • Transformer/magnetic design knowledge and/or experience.
  • Experience in utilizing circuit simulation and analysis tools.
  • Experience in mixed signal analog/digital system design.