What are the Keys to Employee Engagement and Retention?

  • 23 Aug 2017

James C. Humes, one of the greatest living historical storytellers and Presidential speechwriter, once said, “ The Art of Communication is the Language of Leadership”.

The most effective communicators are able to influence action, drive clarity and cement resolve. Additionally, that success is ultimately achieved by asking the right questions. Conversely, not asking the right questions and not listening results in conflict, misunderstanding, and dissatisfaction.

Success is…asking thoughtful questions and concentrating on responses.

Success, whether it’s acing an interview, making a presentation to the Board, giving a performance review or gathering requirements from a customer is more about asking thoughtful questions and concentrating on responses.

4 Keys to Communicate More Effectively

How do you conduct meaningful and honest discussions that truly garner results? Here are the 4 keys to successful conversations:

1. Frame the Premise

From the start of every conversation frame the premise. This allows for focus and a more seamless transition into meaningful precise agreements.

2. Be Prepared

Plan out your meetings and questions that need answers. Understand your objectives but be prepared for a variety of responses.

3. Be Open to “No”

Don’t be afraid of hearing the word “No“. An honest “No” is better than an insincere “Yes“. Frequently the word “No” is great starting point for an open and honest relationship.

4. Remain Positive

Be optimistic. Positivity is captivating. Use phrases like “I am truly excited” and “Impressed by your vision” as you intently listen.

Consequential Conversations Lead to Clear Expectations

Sitting across the table from another professional and having a consequential conversation is the most important thing I do in my job. This type of candid discussion is effective for several reasons. It often leads to shared resolve, focus and a distinct understanding of what is expected.

I also fervently believe that one of the keys to employee engagement, retention and development is better face-to-face communication. This also helps to create a culture that values direct transparent dialogue and grooms future leaders.

It often leads to shared resolve, focus and a distinct understanding of what is expected.

We at McIntosh Search are passionate about partnering with our clients to build better teams through improved communication. After all, The Art of Communication is the Language of Leadership.

If you are interested in learning more about building and sustaining leaders and the impact of improved communication on your team, please contact me, Rob McIntosh, at ☎ 214-521-2900, or email Rob@mcintoshsearch.com

Rob McIntosh, founder of McIntosh Search, a SDVOSB leading talent acquisition firm serving the DFW area, helping Technology Leaders build strong IT Teams.